Sacred Sound Bath 


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Using an array of tones, textures and rhythm; I will create a harmonious space for you to center and rejuvenate.

Whether you are interested in tuning forks, himalayan bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, drums, or bells;

I will tailor your personal sound bath or sonic massage to include a variety of instruments that will cocoon you in positive vibration.

We will take a few moments beforehand to set intentions for our session, we may chant or tone briefly to open channels and move stuck energy,

and there may be guided imagery and breathing prompts throughout the session to help guide and ground the experience.

Gong Bath 


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Currently, I have 3 planetary gongs that can be used together or separately for deep inner work and transformation.

If you have interest in working with the energies of Earth, Jupiter or Mercury, we can talk more in depth about how to use this unique experience to break old patterns and beliefs, overcome fear, release stuck emotions or trauma, and how to embrace an authentic sense of personal empowerment.

Gongs are very cleansing instruments, their sound waves are similar to waves in the ocean. They teach us about surrender and trust. They help us to peel away unnecessary layers veiling the core of our true self-essence. It is quite common to experience visions and to easily access your intuition,  inner guidance and wisdom. I recommend a gong bath for anyone who is ready lighten up and step into a new chapter of life

Sacred Sound and Chant Session 


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During this personal or group session, we will use the voice to explore and engage the chakra centers. The voice is our most powerful means of moving energy and expressing our creativity. Instruments included will be shruti (a drone instrument) and singing bowls. We will use a variety of tones, bija-seed syllables and specific mantras that pertain to your current needs and goals. Learning to feel comfortable and confident with our voice is essential to our personal evolution. The throat chakra is the bridge between the heart and mind. Vocal techniques help clear this channel so we can communicate clearly from the heart. I recommend this experience for those who feel shy about their voice, or are unable/uncomfortable speaking up for themselves. This is a gentle and joyful process that will nourish your confidence and creative expression.